Allosaurus is a Carnivore for Advanced Hunters. They are one of the smallest carnivores but they are still big. They can reach up to 7m tall. They are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS if they see you. Once they see you, they start running, then they run in a zig-zag line and once they're close to you. They run straight forward or they jump and roar. They can be found in Survive Mode. Remember, that Allosaurus are a little slow in water and they can still get you in water not by killing you by stepping on you. Allosaurus are also Mountain-Climbers. they mostly walk near mountains and sometimes, they use their strength to jump over the mountain only when you're over the mountain.
Sometimes, when you shoot them up close, they see you and kill you. but when you're shooting an allosaurus 100 metres away. Once you shoot, The Allosaurus runs away which means he might have been scared. Allosaurus eats like any other Carnivorous Dinosaurs except T-Rex. It's one of the easiest Carnivore to kill but still hard. The smallest type of allosaurus can be about 4-5 metres tall. In the trophy-room, you could see an allosaurus running but it's a trophy.
Carnivores Allosaurus

Allosaurus's SensesEdit

Average Sight

Excellent Smell

Excellent Hearing

Carnivores 2 - Hunting The Allosaurus and More

Carnivores 2 - Hunting The Allosaurus and More

Aloosaurus Hunt