Parasaurolophus is a excellent dinosaur for beginner hunters. It is the easiest dinosaur to kill and indeed it is very fast. It might have been faster than an Allosaurus. A Parasaurolophus can be up to 7-8m tall and it is short as 5-6m tall. It is also taller than an Allosaurus. Its head crest is 1m tall as its neck is about 2m tall. It's one of the tallest dinosaurs in Carnivores and it is the 2nd tallest or largest herbivore. It is the 3rd or 4th tallest dinosaur in Carnivores. When you shoot it and miss, It runs away. When they are in water, they are still fast but underwater which is weird for a dinosaur. It is not dangerous in deed.

Death Of A Parasaurolophus